The 2014 NFL Draft is just six days away and the fashionistas and football mavens of Female Football Frenzy (F3) are anticipating the much awaited first round pick. In light of all the excitement, theories, hypocracies, name-calling (ESPN) and mock draft picks, F3 took a trip down memory lane and identified some of the NFL’s most elite players that were UNDRAFTED.  

Here is a list of players we’re sure you’ve talked about over cocktails….or the water cooler…whatever your preferred method of conversation starter.  They range from QBs to RBs and didn’t go any sooner than the 6th round of their draft years, respectively. We welcome your comments on this list of the now creme de la creme: 

9. Tony Romo, Cowgirls…I mean Cowboy;s QB

8. Rod Smith

7. Antonio Gates

6. Warren Moon

5. Adam Vinatieri

4. Marvin Motley

3. John Randle

2. Night Train Lane

1. Kurt Warner – a personal fave

Here are some of the NFL record-setting/breaking players that have done wonders on the field, but were NOT drafted in the first round: 

1. Tom Brady – the QB we love the hate

2. Pierre Garcon 

3. Antonio Brown

With the hype around who’s ‘thee number one draft pick’; analysts giving their theories; the performance numbers shared, we should not forget that greatness doesn’t just come in the first round.  As a PR professional who loves a story; a message; that relatable ‘thing’ that audiences connect with, the stories of the undrafted and 6th round picks stick out in my mind just a little more than that first round prediction.  A lot of times, the 6th rounder produces exceptionally better than the player who was perceived, and is indeed drafted first.  But, why?

Could it be the pressure of ‘going first’? The intensity of being the ‘bar’ by which others in your position are measured? Could it all just be HYPE? Whatever the reasons – as diverse as they may be – it does not take away from the player who ‘goes first’ or the Redskin who was picked number 173 in the 6th round and went on to set the 2012 rushing record. No. It doesn’t take away from their hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and most importantly the HOPE they had to allow to live within to push through the doubt. 

So, to draft or not to draft?

The football mavens of F3 will disclose our mock draft early next week.  We’re taking F3TV the Virtual Lounge on the road broadcasting live from area sports lounges. We want to get the feedback of other die-hard fans during the draft, May 8 – 10. Locations and times will be posted in Twitter and IG.

Share your top five draft picks with us here and on Twitter @frenzy03. Hashtag #F3 in your Tweet and we will RT and give you a shout out during next week’s show. 

Stay FAB, FANTABULOUS, & FIERCE. Be a MAVEN at all that you do!