Chipper in Philadelphia is an understatement  behind the firing of Eagles’ head coach, Chip Kelly. Now, F3 watched and consumed the local and national reports of Chip’s firing and read Jeff Lurie’s  letter announcing the change last night during the 7 o’clock hour. We waited 24 hours to respond and consider all (as much as possible) things. 😉

Ironically, there were a few news outlets reporting the ‘sudden firing of Chip Kelly…’. Sudden??  How so?? That’s certainly not how we would describe this TIMELY decision to release the very thing that had become a plague to the Bird Gang.  For those who are attentive and love this game, understand that this was a ticking time bomb, and after Saturday’s loss to the Washington Redskins; it was as if Chip finally stepped on the barbwire and the landmine blew up.  Let’s face it…this was a sinking ship from day one! The cherry on top was Desean Jackson prancing his lil self to Philadelphia, and not only winning (without putting up big receiving numbers) Saturday’s match-up, but clinching the NFC East Title on Philadelphia’s turf. So SUDDEN, no? DUE, yes!

Ask yourself (literally), “Self, when is enough, enough?” After Saturday’s embarrassment – Jeffrey had more than enough! Not to mention, those MOST impacted by this decision – some not even aware of Chip being fired (DeMarco Murray) – the players.  It has been said repeatedly throughout the season that the team lacked faith and belief in their leader. Consequently, that causes a lack in synergy and positive play; in other words…winning. Former Eagles player, Jeremiah Trotter spoke during an interview with CSN Philly saying that not one Eagles’ players he spoke with had a positive remark about Chip’s regime and football philosophy.

People are surprised because of the ‘timing’ – both in the season, and overall having “only” given Chip three years to prove himself worthy of the control he was granted. Yes; Philadelphia went 10-6 and won a Division Title in year one – WITH the very players Chip  released shortly thereafter (we’ll get more into that). Year two you went 10-6 again, and missed the playoffs. It was at that time Kelly began to make personnel changes which lead to decisions beyond explanation and ultimately a losing season.  Speaking of which, let’s evaluate the control Chip had – we must, especially since so many are comparing his overall record to that of Belichick’s rookie year as a head coach that resulted in a losing season.

Ahead of today’s noon Jeff Lurie press conference, we will confidently say that Lurie’s decision to release Chip was based on more factors than a record. We have to compare apples to apples when bringing those factors (Belichick’s record) into play. Chip LITERALLY had TOTAL control of the Eagles’ roster. Total, and complete control. Belichick did not. Let’s keep it 100 – you loose Maclin for $1 million, release Desean Jackson because of ‘gang-related activity’ that – to this day – has not been heard of since that fabricated allegation (which could have cost this man a job in the NFL); and then you let Shady – who broke the all-time Eagles’ rushing record in 2013 – go to the colds of Buffalo, NY.  You were concerned with player behavior and toxic attitudes, yet Chip allowed WR Riley Cooper get by with a mere slap on the wrist after being caught on video using a racial slur.

You have a $40 million dollar running back barely touching the ball, a secondary that has become non-existent, and the talent that is on the field  is overshadowed by the losses. Cut the crap, Chip, with the ‘it’s all on me’ during a scheduled post-game press conference; particularly when in the same breath you remind us that ‘you’re not the GM’. We mustn’t pass the buck when your answers are dried up like the Sahara.  You must remain accountable to the front office, the fans, and most importantly the players.  We feel for the talent that is there in Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Graham, Darren Sproles, Jordan Matthews, Brent Celek and the list goes on and on.

So where did we THINK we would go from here. Jeff doesn’t  need the permission of the fans or the media to make an executive decision. It’s clear that Chip’s presence was becoming toxic and infecting the locker room. It literally played out on the field.  Let’s watch Chip’s dismissive and nonchalant attitude toward the possibility of leaving Philadelphia. Our guy, Stephen A. Smith foreshadowed the demise a long time ago…

So the question now is, how does Philadelphia rebuild? Where do you begin – although you can say we already have – again? Where do you go from here? In the eloquent words of former Philadelphia Eagle, Emmanuel Acho…

Emmanuel Acho Tweet

In our words, pride comes before a great fall.