Blogged by: Shemika Harmitt, F3 NY Giants ContributorAround the NFL
The 2016 regular season schedules are out, and on the heels of Kobe’s farewell,  the excitement for the 2016/2017 NFL Season has peaked. Bubbles were almost immediately burst when everyone realized there is just 147 days until kick off. Such a tease!image.jpeg

After meticulously combing through the Giants schedule and deciding which games I’ll attend, I then started making my predictions on what games we will add to the win column. My football maven instincts are telling me that we will take the Division this season with a 10-6 record, the exact opposite of our last two seasons. Instead of starting the season 0-2, we’ll go undefeated (I’m overly optimistic, I know).

As for our division rivalries, I predict we’ll sweep the Cowboys. They’ve won the last four season openers and needless to say it’s time for a change. Against the Eagles and the Redskins I foresee breaking even, and going 1-1 losing on the road. Our week seven game against the Rams is 1 of 3 international games this season. The Giants face the Rams in London. Another ‘W’ in the winners column, please! :0)

I have faith in the new Big Blue and the defensive acquisitions we’ve obtained during the off-season.  The 2016 NFL Draft is just a week away; once we add young, fresh, much-needed talent to the roster, and get acclimated to the new coaching regime, my predictions are sure to stand true. Only time will tell.

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