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Sunday September 11th @ New Orleans Saints 1:00pm
The Raiders open the 2016 season on the road against the Saints. There has been 12 games played between these two with the Saints leading the series with 6 wins to the Raiders 5, and 1 tie.
Sunday September 18th vs Atlanta Falcons 4:30 pm
The home opener this year will be against the Atlanta falcons. These two have only played each 13 times, and the Raiders own the series 7-6.
Sunday September 25th @ Tennessee Titans 1:00pm
The first of a long road trip brings the Raiders into Tennessee to take on the Titans. 48 times these two teams have fought it out, including both, preseason and postseason. The Raiders have come out on top against the Titans 28 times, and have lost 20.oakland_raiders_nfl_club_logo_1440x900_wallpaper
Sunday October 2nd @ Baltimore Ravens 1:00pm
Two back to back road trips back east, brings the Raiders into week four play against the Ravens. In the 9 times these two have met, including one post season game, victory has belonged to the Ravens 7 times to the Raiders 2.
Sunday October 9th vs. San Diego Chargers 4:05pm
Our Raiders return home to face their first divisional rival game against the Chargers. The first of two games to be played between these two, with this forst one being played in Oakland. Out of the 113 times (only one post-season) these two have banged helmets, the Raiders have come out on top 61 times to the Chargers 50 times. They have played to a tie twice.

Sunday October 16 vs. Kansas City Chiefs 4:05pm
Back to back home games and back to back divisional rivals, the Raiders and Chiefs have a battle history of 114 games. They have also met in the post-season three times. Kansas City owns the series between these two with 60 wins to Oakland’s 52, and two ties.
Sunday October 23rd @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00pm
The Raiders hit the road for a trip to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars for the 8th time in the history of these two teams playing each other. The Jaguars have a one game lead with four wins to the Raiders three.
Sunday October 30th @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00pm
Continuing on a road trip the Raiders head to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers! The meeting of these two teams in Super Bowl XXXVII had definitely left a bad taste in the mouths of all of us who remember! Raider’s fans felt betrayed over the leaving of then head Coach Jon Gruden, who incidentally lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl, defeating the Raiders. There have been countless accusations, followed by denials, that Gruden used his knowledge of the Raider play book to win that Super Bowl. These two teams have only played each other 9 times (including the Super Bowl) and the Raiders lead this series with 6 wins to the Bucs 3.
Sunday November 6th vs. Denver Broncos 8:30 pm
Sunday night football heats up with not only the Raider’s BIGGEST rival, but also the defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos! A long time and intense rival, the Raiders and Broncos have played each other 113 times, but only twice in post season. Always a good game between these two, with the Raiders leading the series with 61 wins to the Broncos 50, and two ties.NFL Teams
Monday November 21st vs. Houston Texans 8:30pm
The first Monday Night game is also a home game against the Texans. 9 games played between them has the Texans in the lead with 6 wins to the Raiders 3.
Sunday November 27th vs. Carolina Panthers 4:25pm
Raiders welcome Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers to Oakland, continuing their long home game stretch. The Raiders have only beat the Panthers twice out of the 5 games they have played.
Sunday December 4th vs. Buffalo Bills 4:05 pm
Week 13 ushers in the visiting Buffalo Bills. The series between these two teams is relatively even, with the Raiders having a slight advantage. 39 games between them and the Raiders have won 20, the Bills 19. Two post season games both belonging to the Bills.
Thursday December 8th @ Kansas City Chiefs 8:25pm
Back on the road with the first Thursday night game, and against the divisional rival Chiefs.
Sunday December 18th @ San Diego Chargers 4:25pm
A quick trip down to Southern California and back to back divisional games, leads the Raiders into San Diego to play the chargers for the second time this season.

Saturday December 24th vs. Indianapolis Colts
Returning home to face the Colts, and a team that the Raiders have played 15 times, including two post season games. A close series with the Raiders edging out the Colts 8-7.
Sunday January 1st @ Denver Broncos 4:25pm
Saving the best for last! The Raiders head to Mile High Stadium to close out the season against the divisional rival Denver Broncos.

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