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Rashad Jennings is perhaps best known on the field as a Running Back (RB) for the New York Giants. Rashad Jennings RBOff the field, Rashad uses his RB skills to serve a more noble purpose—encouraging literacy and improving the lives of student athletes. 

Jennings is the founder of the Rashad Jennings Foundation, the organization that he created to achieve the goals of ensuring literacy, education, and the access to quality reading materials is at arm’s reach for student athletes. In November 2015, Jennings hosted the Foundation’s first annual Giant Night of Comedy, which featured celebrity comics including Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black and Dane Cook, among others.

The Rashad Jennings Foundation is built upon three cornerstone programs—the Reading Challenge, the Locker Room Project and Camp 180. The Locker Room Project is a Rashad Jennings Camp 180program for student athletes that provides mentorship and structure, helping them to improve their academic skills and giving them the tools to succeed outside of their sport. Camp 180 is a camp that emphasizes building an attitude that can be an asset on and off the field. However, the most prominent of these programs is the Rashad Jennings Foundation’s Reading Challenge, which has reached 38 schools in Florida and New Jersey to date. This program encourages literacy by giving students the opportunity to win signed Giants memorabilia by reading books and demonstrating their comprehension.

By Jennings’ dedication to his Foundation and the children and students that he serves, Jennings embodies the ideals that he has set forth to encourage— namely, a commitment to community, positivity and self-improvement. Rashad Jennings Speaking with Kids

Rashad Jennings Foundation by the Numbers (2015): 

  • 15 Charity Appearances
  • 20,000 Students Joined the Reading Challenge
  • 25 Schools Participating Nationwide
  • 167,655 Books Read by Students
  • 127 Students enrolled in Camp 180
  • 1,500 Participated in Family Fun Fest

Visit the Rashad Jennings Foundation for more information about their work, and how you can contribute to their educational efforts for student athletes.

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