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Just a few days ago it was announced that Josh Norman’s franchise tag with the Carolina Panthers had been rescinded due to the parties not coming to a mutual agreement. F3 - Josh-Norman signing with RedskinsNow, Norman has signed a 5 year, $75 million deal with the  Washington Redskins. For those of us who are fans of the NFC East, we now know that twice a year we will witness Odell Beckham Jr. run circles around Josh Norman.  Yes – I am that confident. 🙂

After the infamous Beckham-Norman match-up, turned WWE fight last season, their “beef” continued onto social media with sub-tweets, and jabs on various sports networks shown on ESPN and Sports Center, respectively. This long-time division rivalry just got a lot more interesting. Hopefully, they can keep it strictly football this time around.

Big Blue fans it won’t be long before we witness the Giants  / Redskins match-up  during weeks 3 and 17 of the regular season. It’s going to be a good one, folks!


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