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The dew hasn’t dried on the practice field of the 49ers training facility before whispers started on how bad the 49ers will be yet again this season. Draft week didn’t prove much in the positive column for the front office. It seems that fans begged for certain position players to get that faithful feel and boost the team, yet Trent Baalke always goes another direction in the draft.

We now have acquired a shiny pair of new defensive ends, a couple of unnoticeable Corners,  a Quarterback , Running back, and Wide Receiver. Yawnnnn. It is especially disappointing when UCLA dual-threat athlete, Myles Jack was available the first round of the draft, and the 49ers passed on him. He would have made a great pairing with Navarro Bowman plugging the run game up, but oh well…we are stuck with Michael Whilhote. *side eye*

With the offense filled with uncertainty, it’s projected that the new and young 49ers defense could be talented enough to carry the team to some Ws…but that, of course,  is wishful thinking.

Who will be Quarterback???

How this is even a question, is mind-boggling. Blaine Gabbert proved yet again that he is not ready or should ever be ready to lead an offense. Just look at most of his starts…the tape says it all. Besides the offensive line being absolutely horrid and helped with Kaepernick’s benching; the offensive line was a revolving door for hungry opposing pass rushers.

Blaine Gabbert cracked plenty under fire. Kaepernick played injured and confused and seemed to lose locker room support. Chip Kelly is now the new Head coach and has the QB in Colin he’s always wanted to play in his system. Luckily for Chip (who was publicly booted out of Philadelphia), Colin Kaepernicks request for a trade fell through, and Kaep is now guaranteed millions to stay on the 49ers.

With Gabbert and the new acquire Quarterbacks they are taking first team reps running the offense until Kaepernick fully rehab. He is expected to be ready by fall camp to fully participate and take reps.


So far , Offensive Lineman Anthony Davis and Jarryd Hayne won’t be back in a 49ers uniform as first initially expected. Will give others opportunity to fill the new vacated roster spots as it gets close to finalizing the roster near the end of preseason.

Needless to say, I am disappointed over here on the West Coast.  Until next time…

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