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We just can’t seem to get enough of Marshawn Lynch here in the Bay Area! Maybe we have not all openly admitted how much we really love him! F3 - Marshawn Lynch football imageI mean when you play for a team that has been the arch rival of BOTH Bay Area teams, it can be a little difficult to feel the love from the Bay! Now that Marshawn has officially retired at age 29, all of us Bay Area folk can openly declare without any guilt, how much we actually love this guy!

Marshawn Lynch recently opened his first clothing store in Oakland aptly named BEAST MODE. When asked about the idea behind the clothing Marshawn replied, “It wasn’t something that I just wanted to make money off of. It was something that I held for myself.” He also went on to admit that maybe this was something that wasn’t just about him, and saw it as a way for him to really connect with the fans. “BEAST MODE to me is freedom,” said designer Christopher Bevans, “freedom of expression, freedom of art, freedom to create!”


Photo Credit: BEAST MODE Online

Lynch has embodied all of that and sites growing up in Oakland as the main cause of his seeing things a little differently. “I’m from there, so I got a different view, but what Oakland taught me, what I really hold on to, is my personality. Loud in what I do, and quiet in what I say,” Lynch said. “I feel like that sculpted me, and from Day 1, just growing up in a place like Oakland, you learn that you only get one you. Why would I go out and live the life you want me to live and then I won’t be satisfied with it?”

Marshawn’s favorite piece of the collection is a reflective sweat suit, his reasoning was because it messed up everyone’s pictures! The reflective writing flashed back the flash and he loved that! Loud in what he does, and quiet in what he says even resonates in his clothing line! Sounds like we ALL need to go BEAST MODE!

For more information or to shop Marshawn Lynch’s new store, click here BEAST MODE.


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