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The Philadelphia Eagles get us! They get us! Who is us, you ask?? The 44% of the consumer base that purchases sports and athletic wear (Forbes, 2012). The people who cook, clean, and now converse  with you about your favorite team’s, favorite team. The ones who have managed to make noise on-top of the grunts and boos of their counterparts. We’ve blinged out our jerseys, schuzzed (my word) up our t-shirts, and added chiffon and ribbons to lace our sneaks.  We. Are. Woman. And the Philadelphia Eagles know who really runs the world (Thanks, Beyoncé)!

WomensFootballFestLOGODespite the liquid sunshine, and with over 1,100 tickets sold, the Philadelphia Eagles hosted hundreds of women for their inaugural Eagles Football Festival for Women. That’s right, an NFL team dedicated a day of fun and festivities for the female football fan. Female Football Frenzy / F3TV was on-site  and gained access to the players and coaches’ locker rooms, the Eagles interview room, and perhaps one of the best moments of the day – walking onto the gridiron where winners win, and losers lose. Lincoln Financial Field is where women were able to interact with current and retired Eagles players including Najee Goode, Chris Maragos, and Super Bowl Champ and host of Breakfast on Broad, Barrett Brooks.

We tested our skills on the football toss game, enhanced our knowledge about the Xs and Os of the game, and tried on some of the equipment that protects the players from injury – at least that’s always the hope.  The Eagles’ cheerleaders were on-hand…speaking of hands, it’s only right that the coordinators of this event included a spa room in the lineup of activities. Did the Eagles not cross their T’s, and dot their I’s? Yup – ladies enjoyed a manicure, and half-body massage after testing their skills in the game zone.IMG_1943 (1)

F3TV had a chance to speak with some of the players and the fans.  In fact, we decided that @Baybnurse on Instagram should have received a door prize for the person who traveled the furthest.  We spoke with her, and asked where she was from – of course thinking she was from the Delaware Valley; “Florida!,” she proudly proclaimed. “Florida?”, I repeated. “Yes; my daughters and I traveled all the way from Florida just for this event. I am a die-hard Eagles fan,” she said.  Talk about committed. This lady definitely is part of the Bird Gang, and certainly bleeds green.  “Everyone in my house knows the rule  – even if you don’t like football, you wear the Eagles or nothing at all,” she affirmed. “Even the dog.”  The Philadelphia Eagles should be proud.

We continued our journey through the Linc, and caught up with more fans and one of a few former players that were in attendance, Barrett Brooks.  Brooks, a Super Bowl Champion and currently the host of Philadelphia-based sports TV broadcast Breakfast on Broad, signed autographs, kissed babies, and took pictures with fans while in the player’s locker room.  I asked what you all wanted to know, “How was Mother’s Day in your household?” He chuckled, and replied “Oh, it was greatAs long as the wife and Mom are happy, everything is great.  Happy wife. Happy life.” Yup, even big Barrett gets it.

Eagles Lineman, Najee Goode patiently took photos and signed autographs for what seemed to be a few hundred ladies who waited to take photos with him and Eagles Safety, Chris Marajos.  We had a chance to speak with him about his expectations for the upcoming season. In doing so, he shared some exciting news and I asked him, too, how Mother’s Day was in his house; “It was a good day for everyone,” Najee said. “I’m expecting a baby girl this summer so that is exciting,” he added as a bonus.  Najee says he is looking forward to working under Coach Pederson who has already done a 180 with the team, making obvious changes. Perhaps the most highly anticipated addition to the Bird Gang was first round draft pick, quarterback hailing from North Dakota State, Carson Wentz. Like Brooks, Goode believes the defense will play a big part in the success of the Eagles upcoming season.

After talking football, we couldn’t ignore the obvious fashion statements that came from the ladies in attendance.  From branded nail polish and eye wear, to bows, sequence, and faux leather the female fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were sure to incorporate fashion into their football attire. This was certainly a pleasure point for F3 as our founding platform is based on all things ‘football, fashion, & philanthropy’. It was encouraging to see the Philadelphia Eagles being intentional about allowing the space for women to express their love for the game, and their favorite team.

FullSizeRender (1)Female Football Frenzy / F3TV looks forward to bringing you much more on the Eagles during the 2016/2017 NFL Season. To see complete event coverage, and full interviews with Philadelphia Eagles players during the Eagles Football Festival for Women, click here F3TV.

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