Blogged by: Shawna Graves, F3 Redskins Contributor | Around the NFL

From the moment Isaac Redman hit the grid iron at his debut game in the 2009 NFL Preseason, his success on and off the field continues to rise. A favorite among Steelers Nation and coaching staff, Isaac “Red Zone” Redman showed and proved that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Redman was signed to the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization in 2010 as an undrafted free agent, playing 4 successful seasons for the Black & Gold. In 2014, after suffering a career ending spinal injury, Redman retired from the NFL. As a young NFL player, the tragedy of having your dream cut short could be life shattering and the devastation could make or break one’s resolve to move forward. For Redman, his injury, along with solid mentoring and guidance while playing in the NFL helped propel him into his next great endeavor.


While in the NFL, Redman was inspired by fellow NFL players who made it a priority to give back in service to the communities they grew up in as well as in the communities in which they worked. During the off seasons of 2011 and 2012, Isaac returned to his hometown of Paulsboro, NJ and conducted his Red Zone Redman Football Camp for youth football players. After retiring in 2014, he returned back to Paulsboro and began coaching the junior high school football team and led the team in an undefeated season to win the championship. He also volunteered his time to the local midget football organization, which had collapsed in 2013. Redman volunteered as an Assistant Coach during the organization’s reopening season and returned the following year as a Head Coach with a record 36 kids on his roster.  


Earlier this year,  Isaac announced his partnership with two former high school football legends from the area to launch the Legendary Sports Academy to offer affordable football training to youth football players around the Delaware Valley. Click here to hear the entire interview with me and Isaac Redman