All the Pre-Season Feels

Written by: Tashyra Ayers, F3 Creator & F3TV Correspondent | IG & Twitter: @TashyrasVoice

Pre-season is always full of anticipating fans, open practices, speculations and predictions from sports commentators on who will go all the way to claim the Lombardi Trophy. We watch for injured players to return, the latest draft picks to take their respective places – some starts others added to the depth charts of the acquiring team.

But for F3 and the City of Philadelphia, the pre-season comes with another level of excitement, but also a level of confidence and our heads held high as we embrace the title of reining SB champs following our defeat of 5-time SB champs, New England Patriots.

So, it’s no surprise that F3 was elated and even that much more excited to have access and the opportunity to engage with the players during open practices, and not just from the stands, but first hand with the players.  We’re coming off closely following your favorite Eagles players during off-season, one in particularly who wrote a book during his time away – Nick Foles, new author of “I Believe”.

F3TV correspondent, Laneisha David caught up with Nick in Cherry Hill, NJ just a month shy of the first practice for the reining champ and SB MVP.  He was finishing the last leg of his book tour which speaks to his belief in Christ as the head of his life, and the main factor, at least what he believes, to be the primary ingredient and factor to the now Super Bowl Champs, Philadelphia Eagles.

On the sidelines of the Open practice we see the comoradore in the team and understand how that played such an important role in the win the MVP QB that has been at the hel, of NE Patriots for a number of years.

Laneisha David was on-site as the players greeted screaming fans who were happy to see their reigning champs take home field for the first time since winning their championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. It was time to see them in action and week one would be a replay of the NFC East championship game against the Atlanta Falcons.

See the next article for recap of the first regular season the 2018-2019 NFL Season and the beginning of Thursday Night Football (TNF).