Thursday Night Football 

The Myth…The Man…The Mullen: A Verified Victory in the Bay

By the time Thursday Night Football on Fox had concluded, Twitter had already verified Nick Mullen’s account.  That and the one fan – who was probably Nick’s auntie – who wore his jersey were two of the things that truly made Mullen the Man tonight.  Of course, his impeccable nearly perfect play against the Raiders contributed to the verification.

In the end, the battle in the bay ended with the Raiders defense visibly absent from Levi’s Stadium, and the 49ers offense ready to play.  34-3 would be the final score on the W. Coast, and an emotional Nick would speak with reporters following the game about his plans post-play.  To talk to his friends back home in Alabama.

Nothing like a humble winner.

Humbled was not the emotion on the silver and black sideline.  NO.  That was sheer embarrassment. Head coach, Jon Gruden could be seen during on time-out mouthing to his defensive line coach “WTF” *insert SMG emoji*.

Carr hasn’t lived up to his draft hype since his 2009 draft, and the Niners came in to Ram the Raiders (see what I did there), just a week after another Los Angeles came in and did the same.

Next Thursday, the Carolina Panthers come to Pennsylvania to take on the Steelers for Thursday Night Football on Fox.