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F3TV at Super Bowl 52

From the 19th Annual Super Bowl Gospel to the big game itself, Team F3 and F3TV was on-site in Minnesota covering would be the greatest game in Philadelphia Eagle history. 

Click  Super Bowl 52  for behind-the-scenes coverage of our time in Minnesota live from Media Row at Mall of America, to Super Bowl parties, celebrity basketball games, to the big game on the big stage. 

All the Pre-Season Feels

Written by: Tashyra Ayers, F3 Creator & F3TV Correspondent | IG & Twitter: @TashyrasVoice

Pre-season is always full of anticipating fans, open practices, speculations and predictions from sports commentators on who will go all the way to claim the Lombardi Trophy. We watch for injured players to return, the latest draft picks to take their respective places – some starts others added to the depth charts of the acquiring team.

But for F3 and the City of Philadelphia, the pre-season comes with another level of excitement, but also a level of confidence and our heads held high as we embrace the title of reining SB champs following our defeat of 5-time SB champs, New England Patriots.

So, it’s no surprise that F3 was elated and even that much more excited to have access and the opportunity to engage with the players during open practices, and not just from the stands, but first hand with the players.  We’re coming off closely following your favorite Eagles players during off-season, one in particularly who wrote a book during his time away – Nick Foles, new author of “I Believe”.

F3TV correspondent, Laneisha David caught up with Nick in Cherry Hill, NJ just a month shy of the first practice for the reining champ and SB MVP.  He was finishing the last leg of his book tour which speaks to his belief in Christ as the head of his life, and the main factor, at least what he believes, to be the primary ingredient and factor to the now Super Bowl Champs, Philadelphia Eagles.

On the sidelines of the Open practice we see the comoradore in the team and understand how that played such an important role in the win the MVP QB that has been at the hel, of NE Patriots for a number of years.

Laneisha David was on-site as the players greeted screaming fans who were happy to see their reigning champs take home field for the first time since winning their championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. It was time to see them in action and week one would be a replay of the NFC East championship game against the Atlanta Falcons.

See the next article for recap of the first regular season the 2018-2019 NFL Season and the beginning of Thursday Night Football (TNF).



Written by: LaSharon Allen, Atlanta Falcons Contributor | Instagram: @QueenofSports

The 2018 NFL Season kicked off with the Atlanta Falcons taking on the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles are the defending Superbowl Champs and they were not about to let anyone come into their house, Lincoln Financial Field and spoil the celebration.

The First quarter was one for the record books, the game had a 45 minute weather delay and that may have caused both teams to come out and play slow. I have to give it to both defenses they played real well. This was a sloppy, mistake-filled gamed that did have 26 penalties total by both teams. Phillies defense really did feed off the crowd’s energy and held the Falcons to a goal-line stand when Devonta Freeman was stopped short of the goal. The eagles stopped the Falcons three times at the 1 yard line. It seems like Atlanta has left off from last season where they had trouble finding the end zone.  This is something that Head Coach Dan Quinn said he would definitely take a look at and work on. Could the OC be in the hot seat already?

After Ajayi’s 11-yard TD run and 2-point conversion gave the Eagles a lead with 2:25 left, Ryan led the Falcons down the field. He completed a 36-yard pass to Jones and connected with him again for 18 yards on third-and-17. The Falcons had a first down at the 10 but Ryan threw four straight incomplete passes. But a penalty on Jordan Hicks gave them one more chance and the Eagles held again. This is where the Eagles defense begin to come back alive.

Hold on the Falcons were not about to back down. So it seemed, Matt Ryan had a first down at the 10 but he threw four straight incomplete passes. There was a penalty on the Eagles Jordan Hicks and that gave the Atlanta Falcons one more chance but the Philly defense held again. Eagle’s coach Doug Pederson resorted to the “Philly Special” play that helped the Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 in the Super Bowl. This time, Foles caught a 15-yard pass from Nelson Agholor to extend a drive that ended with Ajayi scoring a go-ahead 1-yard TD run in the third quarter. Foles hit Zach Ertz for 18 yards on third-and-6 and Ajayi ran in a few plays later to put Philadelphia up 10-6.

There was still hope for the Falcons when Deion Jones intercepted the Super Bowl MVP a pass that bounced out of Dallas Goedert’s hands and Jones returned it 20 yards to the Philly 27, This set up a 9-yard run by Falcons running back Telvin Coleman that gave the Falcons a 12-10 lead after a missed extra point by Matt Bryant, that hit the right post.  

Eagles survived the Falcons beating them 12-18! Falcons will host the Carolina Panthers 9/16/18 their division rival.

To some fans this looked more like an August Preseason game rather than the season one opener. I have to say that I look forward to seeing what both teams have to offer this year!  Welcome back to Football!

Written by: LaSharon Allen (Queen of Sports) | Atlanta Falcons Contributor

Blogged by: Shawna Graves, F3 Redskins Contributor | Around the NFL

From the moment Isaac Redman hit the grid iron at his debut game in the 2009 NFL Preseason, his success on and off the field continues to rise. A favorite among Steelers Nation and coaching staff, Isaac “Red Zone” Redman showed and proved that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Redman was signed to the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization in 2010 as an undrafted free agent, playing 4 successful seasons for the Black & Gold. In 2014, after suffering a career ending spinal injury, Redman retired from the NFL. As a young NFL player, the tragedy of having your dream cut short could be life shattering and the devastation could make or break one’s resolve to move forward. For Redman, his injury, along with solid mentoring and guidance while playing in the NFL helped propel him into his next great endeavor.


While in the NFL, Redman was inspired by fellow NFL players who made it a priority to give back in service to the communities they grew up in as well as in the communities in which they worked. During the off seasons of 2011 and 2012, Isaac returned to his hometown of Paulsboro, NJ and conducted his Red Zone Redman Football Camp for youth football players. After retiring in 2014, he returned back to Paulsboro and began coaching the junior high school football team and led the team in an undefeated season to win the championship. He also volunteered his time to the local midget football organization, which had collapsed in 2013. Redman volunteered as an Assistant Coach during the organization’s reopening season and returned the following year as a Head Coach with a record 36 kids on his roster.  


Earlier this year,  Isaac announced his partnership with two former high school football legends from the area to launch the Legendary Sports Academy to offer affordable football training to youth football players around the Delaware Valley. Click here to hear the entire interview with me and Isaac Redman



Blogged by: Megan Larkin, F3 Philanthropy Contributor |  Around the NFL

Dr. Jennifer Welter is accomplished by any measure; aside from being the first female NFL coach, Welter has attained a Ph.D. in psychology, and is also an adept athlete in her own right. Several weeks ago, Welter met with President Obama at the White House to mark Women’s History Month, and now she is in the capitol again, participating in the United State of Women, an event meant to bring equitable treatment of women to the forefront.First Female NFL Coach

United State of Women

On June 14th, Dr. Welter participated in this summit along with others such as Dr. Jill Biden, Amy Pohler, and Billie Jean King in order to focus on the struggles for equality that women still face in arenas such as entertainment, technology and professional sports. The speakers also focused on more general concepts, such as bodily autonomy, equal pay, and media portrayals of women.

Watch Here

Welter gave a moving speech towards the end of the day, speaking about the damage that we do to young girls when we present them with a narrow and restrictive definitions of success. During her speech, Welter attacked the way in which the media socializes young girls, saying, The hardest thing in our society right now…is the media. We show little girls [how] to be beautiful and to do it all the wrong ways. We show them as accessories…We teach them very early on to be pretty, marry well, and then act badly and…and then that’s what they grow up thinking that fame is or success is”. Additionally, Welter explored the damage how this sort of early lesson can impact young women during adolescence, saying, “Adolescent females are more likely to accept drama in their relationships, to be combative with their friends, all of those things because we’ve shown them that image is more important than intelligence…”. Welter ended on a resonant, passionate note, stating that we should begin to “show women that…they’re awesome and not just because they’re pretty ”.

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