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Jemele Hill co-host of ESPN’s His & Hers, joined ESPN in November 2006 and is now a recognizable personality on the TV network. Today, Hill is best known for co-hosting the program His & Hers, as well as the show’s podcast.

In 2006, Hill began her relationship with ESPN as a national columnist on and soon began appearing as a contributor on many of the channel’s programs. Jemele’s career began in 1997 as a general assignment sports writer for the Raleigh News & Observer. She then worked as a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel and proceeded to serve as a sports writer with the Detroit Free Press. Hill attended Michigan State University, graduating in 1997 with a degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish.FullSizeRender (1)

Over the course of her career, Jemele has been the recipient of several journalism awards which have recognized her many accomplishments in the field. In 1998, Hill won first place in a sports feature writing at the North Carolina Press Association. In 2007, she won the inaugural McKenzie Cup at the annual Poynter Media Summit. That same year, Hill received an honorable mention in the 2007 edition of Best American Sports Writing.

Recently, Hill has been outspoken about the violent and often disturbing online abuse that female sports reporters face, as covered in Just Not Sport’s #MoreThanMean campaign (video link: #MoreThanMean). Hill has said that this sort of abuse, “…shouldn’t have to come with my job, and no, I’m not getting used to it.” (video link: Jemele Hill on #MoreThanMean Campaign).

She has also vocally and unapologetically expressed support for other female sports reporters via interviews and social media. In this way, Hill mobilizes her voice and exacting standards in order to improve the industry in which she has found such success.

Female Football Frenzy (F3)


Blogged by: Megan Larkin, F3 Intern – PhilanthropyAround the NFL

There are plenty of things that are said on the internet that we would like to think would never be said in real life. Usually by people who are – in social media language – referred to as ‘keyboard killas’ or ‘cyberbullies’.  These are the ones that have lots to say via social media, but rarely replicate the same emotion from behind the safety-net of their iPhone or computer screen.  Well, a group of these similar type of people have come together and formed an actual group or movement as they call it and you wouldn’t (or maybe you would in this day and age) believe what its in support of.

As a part of the #MoreThanMean campaign, Youtube channel Just Not Sports has produced a powerful video (link: Just Not Sports) of male sports fans reading online attacks directed at sports reporters Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain. The attack started out irritating, but mild, calling Spain a ‘nagging wife’ and DiCaro a ‘beat reporter’. However, these attacks quickly escalate to cruel and vicious, with the ‘Tweeters’ expressing a desire for DiCaro and Spain to experience sexual assault and battery. (These are ‘real-life’ tweets: Just Not Sports II). The video quickly went viral and has sparked think-pieces from The New York Times to Buzzfeed.

Although Spain and DiCaro were aware of what the posts said, the men who read them  on video were not aware of the malicious verbal attacks. As the posts became more cruel, the men reading them become visibly uncomfortable and vocally apologetic – even for actions they did not commit. The #MoreThanMean campaign brings attention to the attacks being made on female sports reporters.  It also drives home need for awareness of cyber-bullying to be at an all-time high, and that what’s deemed impersonal by the offenders, is indeed personal to the offended.  #MoreThanMean’s appropriate tagline is: “If you wouldn’t say it, then don’t type it”. We argue whether or not the insults are and were impersonal. As a matter of fact, we dare to say that they are in that if Spain and DiCaro weren’t women, this attempt to demean their value to their industry, and the disgusting implications that they should experience harm, would not be.

Other female reporters and journalists are speaking out, including co-host of ESPN’s His & Hers, Jemele Hill (more on Jemele in the next blog).   “It shouldn’t have to come with my job, and no, I’m not getting used to it.”   FullSizeRenderIn the days after the video exploded, other female sports reporters have came forward to express their support for the featured journalists and their disgust that this abuse is such a common thing in their profession.

Female Football Frenzy (F3)


Image courtesy of: ESPNW via Jemele Hill Instagram page. 

Blogged by: Megan Larkin, F3 Intern – Philanthropy | Around the NFL

We live in a culture where the nuances of consent are being discussed more frequently and passionately than ever before—from the outrage over BYU’s mistreatment of students who reported sexual assault, to the popularity of the video ‘Tea Consent’ (video link:, which explains the idea of consent in amusingly simplistic terms. All too often, notable public figures and institutions are caught on the wrong side of these discussions, which is why a recent piece for The Player’s Tribune by the Detroit Lions’ DeAndre Levy is so heartening.

In the piece, entitled ‘Man Up’, Levy delivers a striking and impassioned message about fully understanding consent and its importance. The fact that someone in Levy’s position is delivering this argument is in itself a powerful statement. Levy is not the kind of figure that we are used to seeing discuss these topics, making his impassioned discourse one to take notice of. Throughout the piece, Levy thoughtfully and expertly discusses the intersection between our culture’s perceptions about masculinity and our problematic relationship with consent.

As Levy states, “…oftentimes, how powerful a man is is directly associated with his sexual exploits…The dehumanization and objectification of women are not issues that are specific to male athletes. They are societal problems.” This is, in essence, the thesis statement for the entirety of ‘Man Up’, an essay wherein Levy explores the conflation of sex, aggression and control and how these ideas and standards combine to our detriment.

Want to read Levy’s essay in full? Check it out here (link:


Female Football Frenzy (F3)


Blogged by: Tashyra Ayers, F3 Founder & Chief EditorAround the NFL

As per usual, the NFL Draft officially kicked off with the red carpet arrival of some of its top prospects to be drafted in the first round (at least that’s the expectation, and certainly the hope). PicCollage (3)Nonetheless, before we get to the minutia of where “Lil’ Junior” is going to make his first 10 million, we have to line up and prepare ourselves for the fashionisto football players, and their fashionista mothers – who almost ALWAYS accompany them.

But back to why we’re here on the first day of the draft…the FASHION!

New Cowboys Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott was accompanied by his 20-something looking mother, who wore a knee-length, sequin cocktail dress for the gawds, accessorized with her debonair husband for the red carpet arrival.  Elliot’s signature ‘abs out’ look made its debut on the NFL red carpet as PicCollagehe decided to take the classic button-down men’s dress shirt, and transform it into a belly-shirt. No…like, he literally had half a shirt on under his powder blue tuxedo jacket that came slightly above his naval, and a significant distance from his designer belt and white men’s slacks.  He continued his statement down to the powder blue dusters that were accessorized with navy blue tassels.

Laremy Tunsil’s clean-cut, well-tailored tuxedo was complimented by his date for the evening – none other than his lovely mother that graciously rocked a black floor-length gown, with a diamond shaped cutout in the back.  IMG_1195His clean and classic look was lightly and precisely complimented with a gold rope chain that hung just below his black and gold bow-tie.

The black and gold theme didn’t stop there.  Robert Nkemdiche got the memo from Laremy, and kept his black on black look chic with a traditional rope chain hanging just under his black bow-tie.  We loved his tuxedo shirt embellished with black man-ruffles and silk-like accents. IMG_1216 His gold specs and dreads tied up in two pony-tails gave him a statement look even in his black and gold ensemble.

Shaq Lawson brighten up the day with a pin-stripped camel and brown suit, white tuxedo shirt, and chocolate brown shoes to match his chocolate brown tie. His smile took the ensemble over the top bringing some much-needed sunshine to an otherwise dreary day – weather wise that is.

IMG_1204Vernon Butler looked like a well-groomed super star walking the red carpet with his black handkerchief trimmed in white lining.  IMG_1200Keanu Neel wore the trendy black and blue combination with a tailored navy blue suit and black on black for the tie and shirt combo.  The classic tie clip gave us LIFE.  Yes – the devil is still in the details. One detail that will never go out of style, is the age-old SMILE :-)…and M. Jack – our nickname for him – had that in full effect!

Although their sons were the center of attention, the Mothers of these new-comers to the National Football League certainly gave some competition in red carpet readiness.  PicCollage (1)From the dressy gaucho, the cocktail dress, to the floor-length chiffon gown, these ladies were ready for lights, camera, FASHION as much as we the press were ready to capture the moment.

PicCollage (2)

Here are more of the best red carpet moments that Female Football Frenzy was able to grab at the 2016 NFL Draft Red Carpet. Visit the Female Football Frenzy Instagram page for more up close and personal images, and video footage of the 2016 NFL Draft Red Carpet in Chicago.


Female Football Frenzy (F3)



Blogged by: Tashyra Ayers, F3 Founder & Chief EditorAround the NFL

The three foundational principles by which Female Football Frenzy (F3) was founded are football, fashion, and philanthropy – and on our first day’s visit to the Windy City (and IMG_7939yesterday’s weather did not disappoint) – we were able to celebrate the creativity and passion for fashion with a trio of brilliancy in celebrity stylist Dex Rob, fashion designer Daniel Patrick, and sports publicist and Sonador Boutique owner Ari Nicole.

Celebrity stylist to your favorite athletes, DexRob paid Chicago a visit yesterday by hosting a posh pop-up shop at Chicago’s Sonador Boutique.  This intentionally scheduled event for the 2016 NFL Draft was the perfect way to jump-start our coverage for NFL draft  week.

Owned by sports publicist and entrepreneur Ari Nicole, Sonador Boutique welcomed DexRob and  Daniel Patrick in her manicured shop.  (Did I mention that I love this trio?!) The boutique owner being a female sports publicist, the stylist with a client roster of professional athletes including Thomas Robinson of the Brooklyn Nets, Tyrod Taylor of the Buffalo Bills, Major League Soccer player Jozy Altidore, Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks, and Torrey Smith of the San Francisco 49ers to name a few. Patrick whose “…style is influenced by Yeezy yet a little more affordable,” said DexRob – displayed his Kanye-inspired line while wearing his garments with precision.IMG_0899

DexRob – yes a Philly native – has taken that Brotherly Love swag and influenced the elite athletes of the NFL, NBA, and MLB. His eye for creativity, full of vision recognized an untapped demographic and seized the opportunity to become the go-to style eye for professional athletes. “Athletes are competitive by nature,” DexRob said when I asked the difference with styling athletes vs the Mom of three.  “They naturally want the best of everything; they want to be the best, have the best, drive the best, and wear the best. It’s in their nature as professional competitors,” said DexRob. The long-time stylist is widely successful in his endeavors; has been seen featured in print publications, and as a guest speaker on several professional fashion and entrepreneurship panel discussions.

Ari Nicole’s petite frame spoke volumes of her giant influence as a sports publicist and owner of Double Coverage PR.  From Miami to Chicago Ari ensures that her clients are represented most accurately in the media and in life. When asking about Sonador Boutique aligning with Double Coverage, it absolutely makes sense that Ari became a retail business owner. FullSizeRender (8)“The store opened two years ago,” Ari said of Sonador Boutique. “I am a publicist to professional athletes and found myself styling my clients on the go. However, I’ve always had a love for fashion and decided to open a store.  It cuts out the middle man and my clients can get their clothes faster. It’s an easier process,” said Ari Nicole. Alleviating the passive approach to styling her clients, Ari became a one-stop-shop for her professional athlete clientele by opening Sonador Boutique.  Brilliant.

Sponsored by McDonald’s, the DexRob Pop-up Shop featuring Daniel Patrick’s designs was a quaint event that welcomed some of the areas (and not-so-local) most stylish including businessman, entrepreneur, and brother to all-pro Running Back Brandon Marshall, Fred Marshall. From Chicago to New York to Philadelphia and Atlanta this gathering of visible fashionistas and fashionistos was complete with professionals who embrace the art of creativity and the business thereof. Screenshot_2016-04-28-09-06-49-1

 Visit DexRobAriNicole  and  Daniel Patrick online to see how this trio has influenced the world of fashion and sports, individually and collectively.

To see complete interviews subscribe to F3TV on YouTube.


Female Football Frenzy (F3)



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