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Blogged by: Naz Sorrell, F3 Bay Area Contributor | About Us

We just can’t seem to get enough of Marshawn Lynch here in the Bay Area! Maybe we have not all openly admitted how much we really love him! F3 - Marshawn Lynch football imageI mean when you play for a team that has been the arch rival of BOTH Bay Area teams, it can be a little difficult to feel the love from the Bay! Now that Marshawn has officially retired at age 29, all of us Bay Area folk can openly declare without any guilt, how much we actually love this guy!

Marshawn Lynch recently opened his first clothing store in Oakland aptly named BEAST MODE. When asked about the idea behind the clothing Marshawn replied, “It wasn’t something that I just wanted to make money off of. It was something that I held for myself.” He also went on to admit that maybe this was something that wasn’t just about him, and saw it as a way for him to really connect with the fans. “BEAST MODE to me is freedom,” said designer Christopher Bevans, “freedom of expression, freedom of art, freedom to create!”


Photo Credit: BEAST MODE Online

Lynch has embodied all of that and sites growing up in Oakland as the main cause of his seeing things a little differently. “I’m from there, so I got a different view, but what Oakland taught me, what I really hold on to, is my personality. Loud in what I do, and quiet in what I say,” Lynch said. “I feel like that sculpted me, and from Day 1, just growing up in a place like Oakland, you learn that you only get one you. Why would I go out and live the life you want me to live and then I won’t be satisfied with it?”

Marshawn’s favorite piece of the collection is a reflective sweat suit, his reasoning was because it messed up everyone’s pictures! The reflective writing flashed back the flash and he loved that! Loud in what he does, and quiet in what he says even resonates in his clothing line! Sounds like we ALL need to go BEAST MODE!

For more information or to shop Marshawn Lynch’s new store, click here BEAST MODE.


Female Football Frenzy (F3)


Blogged by: Kelly Kines, 49ers Contributor  | Around the NFL

The dew hasn’t dried on the practice field of the 49ers training facility before whispers started on how bad the 49ers will be yet again this season. Draft week didn’t prove much in the positive column for the front office. It seems that fans begged for certain position players to get that faithful feel and boost the team, yet Trent Baalke always goes another direction in the draft.

We now have acquired a shiny pair of new defensive ends, a couple of unnoticeable Corners,  a Quarterback , Running back, and Wide Receiver. Yawnnnn. It is especially disappointing when UCLA dual-threat athlete, Myles Jack was available the first round of the draft, and the 49ers passed on him. He would have made a great pairing with Navarro Bowman plugging the run game up, but oh well…we are stuck with Michael Whilhote. *side eye*

With the offense filled with uncertainty, it’s projected that the new and young 49ers defense could be talented enough to carry the team to some Ws…but that, of course,  is wishful thinking.

Who will be Quarterback???

How this is even a question, is mind-boggling. Blaine Gabbert proved yet again that he is not ready or should ever be ready to lead an offense. Just look at most of his starts…the tape says it all. Besides the offensive line being absolutely horrid and helped with Kaepernick’s benching; the offensive line was a revolving door for hungry opposing pass rushers.

Blaine Gabbert cracked plenty under fire. Kaepernick played injured and confused and seemed to lose locker room support. Chip Kelly is now the new Head coach and has the QB in Colin he’s always wanted to play in his system. Luckily for Chip (who was publicly booted out of Philadelphia), Colin Kaepernicks request for a trade fell through, and Kaep is now guaranteed millions to stay on the 49ers.

With Gabbert and the new acquire Quarterbacks they are taking first team reps running the offense until Kaepernick fully rehab. He is expected to be ready by fall camp to fully participate and take reps.


So far , Offensive Lineman Anthony Davis and Jarryd Hayne won’t be back in a 49ers uniform as first initially expected. Will give others opportunity to fill the new vacated roster spots as it gets close to finalizing the roster near the end of preseason.

Needless to say, I am disappointed over here on the West Coast.  Until next time…

Female Football Frenzy (F3)



Blogged by: Shemika Harmitt, F3 NY Giants ContributorAround the NFL

Back in February, Defensive End (DE) Justin Tuck announced that he was calling it a career after 11 seasons in the NFL. Tuck spent his first nine seasons in the league as a New York Giant, winning two Super Bowls with the team. He signed with the Oakland Raiders back in 2014, however today he has officially retired a Giant. justin-tuck super bowl champ

During the press conference, Tuck received tributes from his former teammates Eli Manning and Victor Cruz. In his speech, he reflected on his time in New York and expressed his gratitude towards former head coach Tom Coughlin, Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and the entire Giants organization.

I think (the reason) I will remember the Giants as being special is because there really isn’t another place that has the combination of being in New York City, having the fan base that we have, getting the opportunity to work with the football minds that I’ve had the opportunity to work Good bye J. Tuckwith from top to bottom; it is a classy organization,” Tuck stated.

Justin Tuck, is a two-time Pro-Bowl selection, has 66.5 sacks, 6th all time in Giants history and is the only player in NFL history with multiple sacks in multiple Super Bowls.

Congratulations on an exceptional career, Justin Tuck! Once a Giant, always a Giant! Never a good-bye, just a see you later!

Female Football Frenzy (F3)




Blogged by: Naz  Sorrell, F3 Raiders ContributorAround the NFL

The Oakland Raiders opened the 2016 draft with the number 14th pick of round one. They opted their first move to be on defense and selected a hard hitting safety from West Virginia, Karl Joseph. At 5’11 and 200lbs and recently coming off a knee injury, that kept Joseph out four games. Raider’s GM Reggie Mckenzie said about Joseph, “… by watching the tape you can feel the passion. He’ll run and hit whatever moves.” A definite defensive throwback to the Silver and Black glory days. With the retirement of Charles Woodson space in both the backfield and the cap, it’s a good time to rebuild the secondary. This pick is a definite step in that direction as long as Joseph’s knee does not prove to be an issue.


A defensive theme continued into the second round with the Raiders having the 44th overall pick. Jihad Ward DE from Illinois, at 6’5 295lbs …another draft pick with knee issues. He suffered his knee injury in August and will possibly need arthroscopic surgery. The surgery could leave him sidelined for six weeks. Ward had only 1.5 sacks last year and played a 3-4 defense, the Raiders run a 4-3. I don’t know about this one! Maybe they know something we don’t know? *Kanye shrug*

Round three goes to the defense yet again! Shilique Calhoun a 6-5 250lb DE from Michigan State, with 23 career sacks and nine last season. It was into round four and finally time to feed the offense! 100 pick overall, the Silver and Black  acquired QB Connor Cook. With a franchise QB in Derick Carr, and a capable backup QB, it’s a little strange that the Raiders surrendered their fifth round pick to the Cleveland Browns for this trade. Connor Cook is a top four ranked QB that passed for 3,131 yards, 56.1% on passing, and 24 TD with seven interceptions in the last 13 games.

Heading on to their next pick DeAndre Washington, a small but quick running back from Texas Tech. At only 5’8 and 200lbs, Washington could prove to be a threat for catching passes out of the back field. In round six and 194th pick overall, the Raiders picked up a linebacker from Colorado State, Cory James. James is looked at as a player that can be shaped into what is needed, and possibly was picked up for Special Teams. Round seven brought the pick of Vadal Alexander, a 6’5 Guard from LSU. The Raider O-line is already stacked with starters that average 6’5 and 330lbs! Alexander is a versatile player that can easily switch between playing Left Guard and Right Tackle, he was also the No. 2 ranked Guard in the draft.

As the excitement from the draft dies down we will definitely have a clearer picture on how well these draft picks will do. It’s always one of those things that you just don’t know until you know. It’s definitely going to be an exciting year for our Raiders! Watch out now!

Female Football Frenzy (F3)


Blogged by: Shemika Harmitt, F3 NY Giants ContributorAround the NFL

The 2016 NFL draft took place one week ago today. My personal favorite is watching the dreams of these young men come true on live television. It definitely tugs at the heartstrings. Let’s take a look back at the draft in honor of Throwback Thursday.

The first round is always the most eventful, of course. The first and second overall draft picks both went to quarterbacks for the second year in a row. The Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles traded up for the top two spots to secure the best QBs in this year’s draft. Jared Goff from California State was selected first to the Rams, followed by Carson Wentz from North Dakota to the Eagles. No surprise there since just about every draft expert said it would happen that way.
The New York Giants had the 10th overall pick and I don’t think there was a single mock draft out there that predicted our selection: Ohio State CB Eli Apple. Giants placed last in defense last season, so I was sure they would go with a defensive selection for the first pick. That’s about as far as my draft predictions went.

Eli Apple will join Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Janoris Jenkins, a free agency acquisition, at the Corner position. It just so happens that Apple is the nephew of comedian, Michael Blackson (Comedian Michael Blackson reacts to nephew being drafted to the Giants ) The comedic trait  must run in the family, because his mom, Annie Apple, is pretty hilarious on Twitter. I’ll have to make sure I’m following her this season.

Our second round pick went to the offense, Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard from Oklahoma. He of course joins Odell Beckham, Jr. and Victor Cruz in the receiving core. Shepard has a very touching story. His father, Derrick Shepard, also played for Oklahoma and had a short NFL career prior to his passing when Sterling was 6 years old. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops became like a second father to Shepard, and eventually his head coach once he officially joined the Sooners where he wore his late father’s jersey number… 3. Now Sterling Shepard is a Giant and will line up alongside one of the best receivers in the league.

The remaining Giants’ draft picks were:

Round 3 – Safety, Darien Thompson – Boise State
Round 4 – LB, BJ Goodson – Clemson
Round 5 – RB, Paul Perkins – UCLA
Round 6 – TE, Jerrell Adams – South Carolina

Welcome to the Big Blue! Congratulations to all of the young men that worked hard and sacrificed their bodies to live their dreams. These are the fruits of your labor.

Heres another look at the Giants 2016 schedule: image

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