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Blogged by: Megan Larkin, F3 Intern – PhilanthropyAround the NFL

There are plenty of things that are said on the internet that we would like to think would never be said in real life. Usually by people who are – in social media language – referred to as ‘keyboard killas’ or ‘cyberbullies’.  These are the ones that have lots to say via social media, but rarely replicate the same emotion from behind the safety-net of their iPhone or computer screen.  Well, a group of these similar type of people have come together and formed an actual group or movement as they call it and you wouldn’t (or maybe you would in this day and age) believe what its in support of.

As a part of the #MoreThanMean campaign, Youtube channel Just Not Sports has produced a powerful video (link: Just Not Sports) of male sports fans reading online attacks directed at sports reporters Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain. The attack started out irritating, but mild, calling Spain a ‘nagging wife’ and DiCaro a ‘beat reporter’. However, these attacks quickly escalate to cruel and vicious, with the ‘Tweeters’ expressing a desire for DiCaro and Spain to experience sexual assault and battery. (These are ‘real-life’ tweets: Just Not Sports II). The video quickly went viral and has sparked think-pieces from The New York Times to Buzzfeed.

Although Spain and DiCaro were aware of what the posts said, the men who read them  on video were not aware of the malicious verbal attacks. As the posts became more cruel, the men reading them become visibly uncomfortable and vocally apologetic – even for actions they did not commit. The #MoreThanMean campaign brings attention to the attacks being made on female sports reporters.  It also drives home need for awareness of cyber-bullying to be at an all-time high, and that what’s deemed impersonal by the offenders, is indeed personal to the offended.  #MoreThanMean’s appropriate tagline is: “If you wouldn’t say it, then don’t type it”. We argue whether or not the insults are and were impersonal. As a matter of fact, we dare to say that they are in that if Spain and DiCaro weren’t women, this attempt to demean their value to their industry, and the disgusting implications that they should experience harm, would not be.

Other female reporters and journalists are speaking out, including co-host of ESPN’s His & Hers, Jemele Hill (more on Jemele in the next blog).   “It shouldn’t have to come with my job, and no, I’m not getting used to it.”   FullSizeRenderIn the days after the video exploded, other female sports reporters have came forward to express their support for the featured journalists and their disgust that this abuse is such a common thing in their profession.

Female Football Frenzy (F3)


Image courtesy of: ESPNW via Jemele Hill Instagram page. 

Will & Racquel Smith: Tragedy in NOLA

Blogged by: Tashyra Ayers | F3 Blog Chief Editor & Founder | Around the NFL

Will Smith was more than just a Super Bowl Champion and NFL Pro Bowler, he was also a father to three children – William, Wynter, and Lisa – and husband to Racquel Smith. FullSizeRender (4)

We’ve all heard the news of the fatal shooting by Cardell Hayes that caused Will to loose his life suddenly, and left Racquel shot in the leg.  This is nothing less than a tragedy in the NFL community, but most importantly for the loved ones of the Smith family. There are three children that will no longer have the benefit of their father being around to share pivotal moments and milestones in their lives. All for what? Since Saturday’s incident when the former New Orleans Saints’ player and his 34 year-old wife were shot, there has been some light shed on the situation – including events that led up to Will’s death.

According to ESPN and USA Today, Smith and his wife had dinner with a police officer who was named a participant in the 2005 shooting of Hayes’ father.  Although Hayes sued the police department and a number of officers involved – approximately 12 – the offer Smith had dinner with that evening said that he was not aware of the shooting. Ironically, the officer also claims that he was not aware of  the lawsuit that Hayes initiated due to the death of his father.  That federal lawsuit was later settled out of court with limited public information provided on the terms of the settlement.

Now a widow, Racquel was said to be treated at a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. However, this is no less than a life-altering and certainly an unimaginable chain of events she will face.  Chain-of-events as this is merely the beginning of a long list of emotions and questions that will arise during the next few days, weeks, months, and years that follow such a horrific act of violence. Horrific and foolish.FullSizeRender (5)

It has been said by Cardell Hayes’ (the shooter) high school and semi-pro league coaches that he was a mild-mannered and even-tempered person never showing signs of aggression or temper issues. The message seemed to be consistent from most who knew him, and of Will for those who knew him as well. But does lack of visible aggression mean someone is not capable of causing harm or be responsible for a fatality?  Many questions arose and remain unanswered: How did two mild-mannered men end up in this type of altercation? Was dinner with the police officer just hours before a coincidence? Did Will and Cardell know one another outside of a simple fender bender?

Aside from all the questions we as media my have, the greatest and most difficult questions will come from the children of Will and Racquel Smith. Answering those FullSizeRender (6)questions is an insurmountable task that none of us would want to take on.  As someone who has lost her Mother and many other close family members, the questions remain for an indefinite amount of time.  For Mrs. Smith, loosing her husband is a mountain to climb, and then at that peak there’s the valley experience of watching her children grow and create memories absent their father.

Despite the second degree murder charge Hayes’ has received (who used a legally registered gun), and the $1 million bail set, we cannot help but to think about the family in this situation. Here at Female Football Frenzy (F3), we are mothers ,wives, business women, engtreprenuers, and of course fans of the game.  To hear and see this type of tragedy pulls on our heart strings. Along with our sentiments, prayers, and well-wishes there has been an outpouring of condolences on social media and from key people in the NFL community. “…this is a tragic loss of life…” said NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Drafted 18th overall in 2004 from Ohio State University, Will Smith was a top-notch defensive player making a career high 13 tackles that helped lead the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl victory in 2009.  He ranked 4th in team history with 67.5 tackles for the New Orleans Saints – where he spent his entire NFL career.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Will and Racquel Smith.


NY Giants: Defense Pays to the Tune of $85 Million +

Blogged by: Shemika Harmitt | F3 NY Giants Contributor | Around the NFL

The 2016 NFL Draft is only four weeks away, and free agency discussions are on-going.  The New York Giants recently made some major moves in free agency this year. Here is a recap of the re-signings and new signings.


Jason Pierre-Paul (JPP), Defensive End (DE)

No surprise here that the Giants have re-signed our beloved DE to a one-year contract. JPP turned down multiple multi-year deals from other teams to stay with the Giants.  Teams trying to get the pro-bowler include Arizona.  JPP’s decision to stay with the Big Blue signifies his long-standing commitment to his team – even after the firing of former head coach Tom Coughlin. He states that he will not be playing with the club he wore in the last eight games of the 2015/2016 NFL season after loosing a finger in the infamous fireworks accident on July 4th.

Jasper Brinkley, Linebacker (LB)

The Giants recently also closed a deal with LB Jasper Brinkley – a much needed force in order to dominate the run game of their opposing offense.


Olivier Davis, Defensive End (DE)

Quite possibly the most expensive signing in all of free agency, the Big Blue signed former Miami Dolphin, Olivier Vernon to a 5-year, $85 million deal! Whoa! This one has me anxious to see how its played out in the regular season.

Janoris Jenkins, Cornerback (CB)

The former Rams Corner will now be wearing blue for the next five years. Welcome to the team, Janoris.

Damon Harris, Defensive Tackle (DT)

From one NY team to the best team in NY, former Jets DT Damon Harris was traded from jerseys from the Gang Green to the Big Blue.

Keenan Robinson, Linebacker (LB )

Leaving our division rival, the Redskins behind, Keenan joins the Big Blue this year as well.

In summary, after having the worst ranked defense in several different categories last season, the Giants realize their weaknesses and have decided to make drastic changes by taking drastic measures.  They are on track for a solid defense in the 2016/2017 season.  As we patiently await the NFL Draft the questions is whether they will continue to focus on defense with the 10th overall pick, or will they acquire offensive weapons to help Eli and OBJ? April 27 is just around the corner.  Time will tell!



New York Giants Free Agency

 Blogged by: Shemika Harmitt, Female Football Frenzy (F3)

The 2016 NFL Draft is only 4 weeks away and free agency discussions are still ongoing. The New York Giants have made some major moves in free agency. Here is a brief re-cap of the re-signings and new signings.


Jason Pierre Paul DE

The Giants re-signed the beloved DE to a 1-year contract. JPP turned down multiple year deals from other teams, including the Arizona Cardinals, to stay with Big Blue. JPP says he will not be playing with the club he wore in the 8 games he played last season, after losing a finger in the infamous fireworks accident on July 4th.

Jasper Brinkley LB

NY has also closed a deal with returning LB Jasper Brinkley.


Olivier Davis DE

Quite possibly the most expensive signing in all of free agency, Big Blue signed former Miami Dolphins DE, Olivier Vernon, to a 5-year, $85 million deal. Whoa! This one has me anxious for the season to begin.

Janoris Jenkins CB

The former Rams CB also signed with the Giants for 5-years.

Damon Harris DT

From one NY team to the best NY team. Former NY Jets DT, Damon Harrison traded in his Gang Green jersey for Big Blue.

Keenan Robinson LB

Leaving our division rival, the Redskins, behind, LB Keenan Robinson will also be joining the Giants.

After having the worse ranked defense in several different categories last season, the Giants are definitely stacking the defense for 2016. Now the question is, will they continue to focus on defense with the 10th overall draft pick or will they opt for an offensive weapon to help out Eli and OBJ?



CHIP KELLY FIRED: Pride Comes Before a Great Fall

Chipper in Philadelphia is an understatement  behind the firing of Eagles’ head coach, Chip Kelly. Now, F3 watched and consumed the local and national reports of Chip’s firing and read Jeff Lurie’s  letter announcing the change last night during the 7 o’clock hour. We waited 24 hours to respond and consider all (as much as possible) things. 😉

Ironically, there were a few news outlets reporting the ‘sudden firing of Chip Kelly…’. Sudden??  How so?? That’s certainly not how we would describe this TIMELY decision to release the very thing that had become a plague to the Bird Gang.  For those who are attentive and love this game, understand that this was a ticking time bomb, and after Saturday’s loss to the Washington Redskins; it was as if Chip finally stepped on the barbwire and the landmine blew up.  Let’s face it…this was a sinking ship from day one! The cherry on top was Desean Jackson prancing his lil self to Philadelphia, and not only winning (without putting up big receiving numbers) Saturday’s match-up, but clinching the NFC East Title on Philadelphia’s turf. So SUDDEN, no? DUE, yes!

Ask yourself (literally), “Self, when is enough, enough?” After Saturday’s embarrassment – Jeffrey had more than enough! Not to mention, those MOST impacted by this decision – some not even aware of Chip being fired (DeMarco Murray) – the players.  It has been said repeatedly throughout the season that the team lacked faith and belief in their leader. Consequently, that causes a lack in synergy and positive play; in other words…winning. Former Eagles player, Jeremiah Trotter spoke during an interview with CSN Philly saying that not one Eagles’ players he spoke with had a positive remark about Chip’s regime and football philosophy.

People are surprised because of the ‘timing’ – both in the season, and overall having “only” given Chip three years to prove himself worthy of the control he was granted. Yes; Philadelphia went 10-6 and won a Division Title in year one – WITH the very players Chip  released shortly thereafter (we’ll get more into that). Year two you went 10-6 again, and missed the playoffs. It was at that time Kelly began to make personnel changes which lead to decisions beyond explanation and ultimately a losing season.  Speaking of which, let’s evaluate the control Chip had – we must, especially since so many are comparing his overall record to that of Belichick’s rookie year as a head coach that resulted in a losing season.

Ahead of today’s noon Jeff Lurie press conference, we will confidently say that Lurie’s decision to release Chip was based on more factors than a record. We have to compare apples to apples when bringing those factors (Belichick’s record) into play. Chip LITERALLY had TOTAL control of the Eagles’ roster. Total, and complete control. Belichick did not. Let’s keep it 100 – you loose Maclin for $1 million, release Desean Jackson because of ‘gang-related activity’ that – to this day – has not been heard of since that fabricated allegation (which could have cost this man a job in the NFL); and then you let Shady – who broke the all-time Eagles’ rushing record in 2013 – go to the colds of Buffalo, NY.  You were concerned with player behavior and toxic attitudes, yet Chip allowed WR Riley Cooper get by with a mere slap on the wrist after being caught on video using a racial slur.

You have a $40 million dollar running back barely touching the ball, a secondary that has become non-existent, and the talent that is on the field  is overshadowed by the losses. Cut the crap, Chip, with the ‘it’s all on me’ during a scheduled post-game press conference; particularly when in the same breath you remind us that ‘you’re not the GM’. We mustn’t pass the buck when your answers are dried up like the Sahara.  You must remain accountable to the front office, the fans, and most importantly the players.  We feel for the talent that is there in Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Graham, Darren Sproles, Jordan Matthews, Brent Celek and the list goes on and on.

So where did we THINK we would go from here. Jeff doesn’t  need the permission of the fans or the media to make an executive decision. It’s clear that Chip’s presence was becoming toxic and infecting the locker room. It literally played out on the field.  Let’s watch Chip’s dismissive and nonchalant attitude toward the possibility of leaving Philadelphia. Our guy, Stephen A. Smith foreshadowed the demise a long time ago…

So the question now is, how does Philadelphia rebuild? Where do you begin – although you can say we already have – again? Where do you go from here? In the eloquent words of former Philadelphia Eagle, Emmanuel Acho…

Emmanuel Acho Tweet

In our words, pride comes before a great fall.


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