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Big Hospital Finally telling the truth about Cancer, Johns Hopkins

Great read. Sure to influence the health industry and medical professionals to share more vital preventivr measures. Most diseases, in the end are prevented ot caused by lack of good diet and exercise.

When It’s All Said And Done…

After the hype of trades, free agency, and the NFL Draft the reality of summer camp, pre-season and the security of your position becomes more prevalent.  Not that these factors ever leave the minds of the players – particularly those fighting for position – but it’s sometimes drowned by the noise of the media, naysayers, fans, supporters, critics, coaches, and even team mates.

It’s when seasoned players like Michael Vick begin to analysis their current situation and deal with the reality of his next step(s). Although grateful to have a place with a increasingly respected team – thanks to the help of Rex Ryan – I’m certain this 13 year pro would like to put a stamp on a starting position; however, such may not be the case.

From Marshall’s trade to the Bears potentially being a ‘career saving’ move; to the toss-up of starters in Oakland and the comparison of Corners Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson there will ALWAYS be speculation, “expert opinions”.  As quite as it’s kept, I believe do have some influence over how we the bloggers, media, fans, and self-proclaimed football mavens perceive our favorite players’, favorite players. Although numbers “don’t lie”, are they the deciding factor for who gets the starting positions from Oakland to NY? Let’s look at some data:

GENO SMITH – 2013 2ⁿᵈ round (7ᵗʰ pick) by the New York Jets

Height: 6-3

Weight: 221

Born: October 10, 1990

 Yds: 3046 | Y/G: 190.4 | TD: 12 | QBRating: 66.5
MICHAEL VICK – 2001 1ˢᵗ round (1ˢᵗ pick) by the Atlanta Falcons

6’0Height: 6’0

Height: 6’0
Weight: 215
Born: June 26, 1980
So, at the point Mike Vick was beginning his professional football career, Geno Smith was an 11 year-old kid with a dream, probably watching the older Vick being drafted first in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons at Radio City Music Hall.  Not sure if these comparable are balanced seeing that Vick missed much of the year due to injury and eventually being booted out of his starting position by a flourishing Foles.  Nonetheless, the numbers give Vick a much higher QB rating at 86.5% with Geno coming in at 66.% – exactly 20 percentage points lower than Vick. But what does that say about the starting position? The yards completed, TD percentages, weight, height, age, and mobility.
I believe it depends on who produces and the need of the team.  If Geno proves he is the better QB option for the NYJ, then he is who starts. Should Vick show forth an exceptionally better effort during camps then perhaps he’s considered the one to take the first snap of the season.  The younger Geno is fairly mobile in the pocket something we all have come to love and sometimes hate about Vick. Smith also have an arm with the ability to get the ball down the field to an open receiver. But what cannot be denied is with age comes wisdom…and experience.  Something Vick has; we watched him grow as a player and yes a leader.
When it’s all said and done, the players themselves must prove they want the spot, can handle the spot, and make the players around them better resulting in a winning franchise.  The talent is there no doubt, but we must grow from potential to reality in a short period of time. In Mike Vick’s words:

To Draft or Not To Draft. That is the Question.

The 2014 NFL Draft is just six days away and the fashionistas and football mavens of Female Football Frenzy (F3) are anticipating the much awaited first round pick. In light of all the excitement, theories, hypocracies, name-calling (ESPN) and mock draft picks, F3 took a trip down memory lane and identified some of the NFL’s most elite players that were UNDRAFTED.  

Here is a list of players we’re sure you’ve talked about over cocktails….or the water cooler…whatever your preferred method of conversation starter.  They range from QBs to RBs and didn’t go any sooner than the 6th round of their draft years, respectively. We welcome your comments on this list of the now creme de la creme: 

9. Tony Romo, Cowgirls…I mean Cowboy;s QB

8. Rod Smith

7. Antonio Gates

6. Warren Moon

5. Adam Vinatieri

4. Marvin Motley

3. John Randle

2. Night Train Lane

1. Kurt Warner – a personal fave

Here are some of the NFL record-setting/breaking players that have done wonders on the field, but were NOT drafted in the first round: 

1. Tom Brady – the QB we love the hate

2. Pierre Garcon 

3. Antonio Brown

With the hype around who’s ‘thee number one draft pick’; analysts giving their theories; the performance numbers shared, we should not forget that greatness doesn’t just come in the first round.  As a PR professional who loves a story; a message; that relatable ‘thing’ that audiences connect with, the stories of the undrafted and 6th round picks stick out in my mind just a little more than that first round prediction.  A lot of times, the 6th rounder produces exceptionally better than the player who was perceived, and is indeed drafted first.  But, why?

Could it be the pressure of ‘going first’? The intensity of being the ‘bar’ by which others in your position are measured? Could it all just be HYPE? Whatever the reasons – as diverse as they may be – it does not take away from the player who ‘goes first’ or the Redskin who was picked number 173 in the 6th round and went on to set the 2012 rushing record. No. It doesn’t take away from their hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and most importantly the HOPE they had to allow to live within to push through the doubt. 

So, to draft or not to draft?

The football mavens of F3 will disclose our mock draft early next week.  We’re taking F3TV the Virtual Lounge on the road broadcasting live from area sports lounges. We want to get the feedback of other die-hard fans during the draft, May 8 – 10. Locations and times will be posted in Twitter and IG.

Share your top five draft picks with us here and on Twitter @frenzy03. Hashtag #F3 in your Tweet and we will RT and give you a shout out during next week’s show. 

Stay FAB, FANTABULOUS, & FIERCE. Be a MAVEN at all that you do! 

“The Top 10…”

If you live in the 21st Century, have cable and are following this blog it’s because you do not live under a rock, have an interest in getting news on current events and perhaps a female who loves football, fashion, and philanthropy.

If such is the case – that you love football – you probably watch ESPN, perhaps look forward to the evening news abbreviated version of sports coverage, and/or subscribe to the NFL Network. Now…that sounds like a TRUE fan.

The benefit of the NFL Network is NFL Daily – a show that does exactly what its name implies – highlights the NFL all day long. If you watch ESPN, you see the repeated coverage of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and other sports-driven news stories and recaps…including one of the most interesting shows, at least we think so, the ‘NFL’s TOP 10 List’. This ‘list’ includes the best Super Bowls, the best Wide Receivers, the best ‘hands’, the best running backs, so forth and so on. We tune in from time to time to see who is selected on this ‘list’ and must admit we are sometimes baffled at some of the players who make the list – better yet the ones who do not.  We’re always curious to know who in the world selects these people to make these lists; by what standards are they judging and do the players themselves realize these lists have been made? Do they care?

Some of the ‘lists’ that stick out to us include the ‘Top 100 Players’, the ‘Top 10 Super Bowls‘, and the ‘Top 10 Running Backs’. Players like Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Walter Payton, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, have made their presence known through the ‘Top 10…’ lists.  Albeit, there are players who ranked far less in these lists than they should have; i.e. ‘Top 10 Hands’…the number one spot wasn’t given to Jerry Rice, Cris Carter or even DeSean Jackson. The number one spot for the best running back wasn’t given to Walter Payton, Jerome Bettis or even Emmitt Smith. The Giants vs. PATS Super Bowl didn’t make the number one spot for that list either (and that ‘head-catch’ win will go down in history). So who made the number one spots you ask? Go to to see meanwhile, we’ll say this…

We hope these polls or lists are driven by stats…numbers…not by the opinions of executives and TV producers.  I would even accept a polled audience of football fans to develop the ‘list’. Who’s to say they don’t? We’re going to further our research to find out how exactly these lists are made.

In the meantime, we’re putting together the ‘F3 Top 10 List’ of….everything we can think of! Stayed tuned.  We’ll definitely need your input!

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