Winning in the Twin Cities: Female Football Frenzy at Super Bowl 52

Click Super Bowl 52 for behind-the-scenes coverage of what has become the most significant game in Philadelphia Eagles’ ‘history! We were part of history while in Minnesota for Super Bowl 52.



Female Football Frenzy, or F3 is a multi-media platform that uses the voice of women, and her interests – football, fashion, & philanthropy – to impact the charitable community.


We are football mavens, fashionistas, and philanthropists bringing you all of your favorite things! We’re on the sidelines, online, and worldwide.  Football mavens from across the US contribute to our many platforms while bringing you all you need to know about your favorite team’s favorite team; from Philadelphia to New York; Atlanta to Los Angeles we have weekly predictions, commentary, Fantasy Updates, and #WhatToWear…all necessary for the ideal NFL Season for the fashionable football maven. Screenshot_2015-10-03-19-38-16-1


The inception of F3 was in 2011 when Founder, Tashyra Ayers was serving in one of her many roles as a radio personality at Philadelphia’s WURD 900AM.  As the entertainment news reporter and host of her namesake pop-culture talk show, “The Tashyra Ayers Show” (Infotainment for life; for style; for YOU), Tashyra was able to infuse her personal style and love for all things football, fashion, and philanthropy into her broadcasts.

Professionally, not only is Tashyra a radio personality, but she is also a 15-year corporate Public Relations (PR) professional having served in various capacities that influenced communities through business development, health care PR, and organizing nationally-recognized charitable events that included GRAMMY Award-winning artists such as Mary Mary, Israel Houghton, and Kirk Franklin.  Tashyra’s professional passions, personal loves, and always-noted sense of style came to a head when she recognized that media and her platform in radio was the opportunity to use those things she lived for, to influence a broader spectrum of people. PhotoCredit_BernardThorn4FFF169

So, in 2011 a star was born.

F3 started as a female-driven watch-party used to bring awareness and raise funds for health-related causes during Monday Night Football games.  It was used to gather women (men were invited) from all walks of life that loved the gridiron,  fashion, and the opportunity to give back to charity.  F3 has supported organizations including Autism Speaks and the American Heart Association through  our events, and has raised thousands of dollars for research (see ‘Philanthropy’ section for dollars raised).   F3 has morphed into a multi-media platform that uses the voice of women, and her interests – football, fashion, philanthropy – to impact charitable communities across the country.


F3 gathers professional NFL players to serve as advocates and voices behind our annual events.  The players actually host the parties for the ladies! F3Philly is held annual in Philadelphia. Since F3 is mobilized, it will be coming to a City near YOU! F3NYC was a hit, and we look forward to F3Cali for Super Bowl 50 in February!

Between annual events, we are active on social media through our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts providing in-depth information about the worlds of football, fashion, and philanthropy.  We use social media to bring much-needed awareness, all year long, to causes that are close to F3 including childhood diseases, professional development, and the support of women in sports and media.  We do so through online fundraising, and auctioning of customized, on-of-a-kind F3 apparel (More TBA)F3 Photo Shoot Collage

Newly launched, F3TV and our Periscope channel @frenzy03 keeps us up-close and personal with our followers. We keep them connected to their favorite players and fashionistas, while bringing exclusive looks into events hosted by NFL players across the country.


In the 2012 article written by Alicia Jessup Forbes Sports Money writer, she states:

“In recent years, the league has seen women grow to become over 44 percent of its fan base, with 60 percent of females over the age of 12 identifying themselves as NFL fans.  Last season, 80 million women watched NFL games and roughly 310,000 women attended NFL games each weekend.  Recognizing women’s interest in the NFL, the league has sought to find new ways to cultivate female fans’ passion for the game.  One of the most significant things that the NFL has done recently to accomplish this, is overhauling its women’s apparel strategy.”


“The NFL’s research and subsequent approach have proven to be successful.  Last year (2011) the NFL brought in $3.2 billion from sales of its consumer products.  While the league does not specify what percentage women’s apparel sales contributed to that amount, one can assume it was a significant portion given the efforts the NFL has taken to revamp its women’s apparel strategy. ” 

Now, we all know the saying “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense (cents)!” Well hunty, we’re here to express our 100% support of the NFL – this marketing move clearly makes dollars AND cents! The high-end fashion industry clearly agrees as their runways are influenced more and more with the jersey number and iconic sleeve stripe for NYFW and LFY 2014.

Fashion continues to influence and be influenced by the ever-changing, forward-thinking Screenshot_2015-09-10-16-29-39-1forces that live and breath in the Earth. The creative forces who invent bodies of work in music and clothing understand the importance of bringing together their entities for a common purpose to reach a common goal.  The female football fan, or football maven as F3 calls them is also the wearer of Givenchy and attends London Fashion Week annually. She is the kind-hearted fashionista who gives back to her community yet decides whether to have mild or hot buffalo wings (or both) for Super Bowl 50. She flawlessly prepares the wings  in her custom Marchesa or Kristin Cavalleri jersey-dress.

Our world will evolve. But it is the elegance of a stylish fashionista and football maven that will remain priceless!